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Wood briquettes

Nominal sizes:
Width 7.00 cm;
Length 18.00 cm;
Height 4.00 cm.

JSC "Belfuel" sells biofuel including fuel briquettes made ​​from waste wood production (mostly chips) by compressing them on a high-pressure briquette press. The composition is not standardized. 85 % of raw materials are made from coniferous trees.

  • Humidity of wood briquettes – not more than 11%,
  • Ash content – not more than 1.5 %.
  • Calorific content not less than 4600 kcal/kg.

Mainly we sell wood briquettes in big-bags or in bulk (wagons).

Also briquettes can be supplied in plastic bags the sized 35/64cm, 12 pieces in one package. Packages with briquettes stacked on the pallet 96 pieces, wrapped in stretch film and tightened with the strap. Each pallet has a sheet with the description of the total number of bricks, gross and net weight.

Having all the advantages of conventional firewood, wood briquettes have several more advantages. Briquettes combustion does not produce smoke and sparks. With an equal amount of firewood briquettes emit heat much longer. Fuel briquettes are pressed, and thus require much less storage space. The high density prevents penetration of moisture and rot, and it can be stored indefinite time.

CJSC "Belfuel" sells biofuels, including fuel wood chips. Wood chips used to generate heat and electricity and are an important group of wood biomass (this group includes firewood, pellets, briquettes).

Thickness of 5 to 50 mm;
Length less than 30 mm.

In Europe chips are used in power producing sector mainly in large thermal power plants with output from one to several tens of megawatts.

Chips are supplied with the following characteristics:

  • The main species – pine mixed with birch, aspen, alder;
  • Granulation: length 5 – 50mm, thickness no more than 30mm;
  • Ash content not more than 3%;
  • Humidity 25% – 40%;
  • Calorific value not less than 10,200 kJ/kg;
  • Radioactivity not exceeding 300 Bq/kg.

Chips are made ​​from the waste generated as a result of logging, sawmill and woodworking industry.

JSC "Belfuel" sells biofuels, including Fuel-pellets.

Wood pellets, as derived from wood, constitute are newable raw material and possess high bulk weight. Together with this they have a high calorific value.

Pellets have enormous advantages over conventional fuels:

Calorific value of pellets is 4,3-4,5 kW / kg, what is 1,5 times more than that of wood and is comparable to coal;

Design features of ovens allow you to automate the process of obtaining the required amount of heat;

Burning of pellets in the boiler furnace is more efficient - the amount of residues (ash) does not exceed 0.5 - 1% of the total volume of the used pellets;

While burning pellets do not have a negative impact on the environment.

According to the technical requirements pellets must meet the following criteria:

Parameter Value
Density, g/cm3 not less than 1
Moisture, % not less than 12
Ash content, % not more than 1,5


In fact, our pellets have lower ash content due to the usage of pre-debarked raw material, and hence the quality is constantly controlled by its own laboratory.

Actual results are within the following limits:

Parameter Value
Density, g/cm3 not less than 1,2-1,3
Moisture, % not less than 10
Ash content, % no more than 0,5±0,05

Pellets are packed in 15 kg polyethylene bags, on pallets.

Weight per pallet - 1050kg. Package can be changed upon agreement.

Pellets are shipped by road, rail and sea transport (DAP, FOB. CFR).