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Main area of CJSC “Belfuel” activity is wholesale of peat products.

Sharp increase in peat consumption during past years is due to its ecological and economical advantages. When compared with alternative fuel sources (coal, fuel oil and gas), peat contains more carbon, less sulfur, and less harmful incombustible residues and impurities.

Gain in European domestic consumption market share is due to its following qualities:

  • Low price
  • Ecological purity of combustion (low concentration of sulfur)
  • Complete combustion (small remainders of ash)

Peat found its use in production as a less expensive and ecologically cleaner fuel. Fuel peat is widely used as a source of heat and electrical power.

In agriculture peat is known as a raw material which provides optimal conditions for obtaining products in all climatic regions. Peat also improves soil structure, its water-air qualities which are essential in obtaining quality food products.