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Peat Extraction Technology

Following technologies are presently used for peat extraction:

  • Milling method
  • Sod peat extraction

Milling method:

Product of a milling method of peat extraction is – milled peat. Milling method constitutes removal of thin layers of a peat deposit in short cycles. Technological process of milled peat consists of the following procedures:

  • Milling of the top layer of a peat deposit (Milled layer of pear must be of such thickness that, under given weather conditions, would allow for fastest drying. Milled layer consists of particles 15 – 25 m.)
  • Turning over the milled peat layer (Necessary to enhance the process of evaporation, the layer is also loosened and aired when turned over.)
  • Collection of dried peat layer (collection of dried peat layer from the spread into triangular rolls).
  • Removal of peat from rolls (mechanically) or from the spread (pneumatically) and stacking.
  • Stockpiling of collected peat (Peat, unloaded by the harvester, is spread along the slope of the stack)
  • Isolation of peat in stacks (if necessary).

When peat is removed from the spread a new milling is repeated. In a given extraction season, depending on the qualitative characteristics of the deposit layer, machinery involved and weather conditions, 10 to 50 cycles are performed.

Milling method of peat extraction is applied to all types of deposits; moisture content of a lowland milled deposit type does not exceed 75-78%, top, mixed and transitional types — 79-82%. Preparation of the operational area for the milling method of peat extraction includes: drainage of a peat massif, removal of wood vegetation and grass.

Milling method of peat extraction differs from other methods by intensity of peat dehumidification, short technological cycle, increased peat production from a given area, less labor intensity and lower cost. Its mechanization level is almost 100%.

Sod peat extraction

Technological process of sod peat production consists of the following procedures:

  • Extraction of raw peat, processing and molding of peat into bricks
  • Spreading of bricks on the field
  • Drying and stacking of product.

Two methods are currently used for sod peat extraction:

  • Excavation of the peat deposit at a maximum depth of an excavating machine.
  • Slot-milling at a depth of up to 0,4 m.

One method of excavation uses an excavator together with a peat spreader, in another method the equipment set consists of three production machines and a harvester that packs peat into rolls. Excavation method is used in extraction of sod peat from lowland deposits with a decomposition degree of over 15% and ash content of up to 23%.

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